Offer for you

If you have been looking around we are sure you’ve come across some cheap sites. Ebay overs them for around 40 dollars. They set it up and your on your own. We are not like that. We will get the domain you want, host your site or set it up where you want, customize it for you. Once up and running we aren’t done. We help you with sales, both phone and B2B. Provide scripts and let you know what kind of businesses are the best to target. We’ll show you where a list of businesses are to populate your directory. We also let you know what doesn’t work (and believe us there are a ton of them). We do all this for 499.00. Or if your interested in a partnership we can offer that too. We set up the site, domain, hosting and we populate the directory. We even add in your new customers. You just have to sell. All this for 200.00 dollars and 30% of your sales. If your interested just contact us. Thanks for taking the time to look us over, IBD